Spectra Arts has been in the glass industry for decades and had mastered the creation of timeless hand-made pieces crafted by our artists, and fabrication of classic to contemporary panels using the latest glass machineries. Bringing tasteful style to homes and construction projects.

glass door


Nothing makes a wonderful first impression than custom glass doors…

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No other material has come to match the elegance of glass as a window…

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Roof and Skylight

Glass roofs and skylights  are very stylish and can enhance the beauty…

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glass stairs and balustrade

Stairs And Balustrade

The aesthetic and functional benefits of glass stairs and balustrade is a…

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glass facade


Glass facade is gaining vast popularity among large and small scale projects…

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glass wall


Its extraordinary polished finish, aesthetic appeal, variety and rich colors…

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glass partition


Many property owners prefer to use partitions to break up rooms into…

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glass shower


Spectra Arts is widely-known and locally trusted for fabricating and installing the…

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glass floor and ceiling

Floor and Celing

Glass as floor and ceiling material captures light which is integral to both…

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glass cubicle


Available in various materials, sizes, shapes, and colours, Spectra Arts…

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